The View From Above

I recently took a look at our Google Satellite view. I was really proud. You can really see our yards in all of their glory! Spacious, shade covered, water features, and different yards clearly delineated by fencing. When looking for a doggy daycare, check out their satellite view and see just how much space do they have? How many dogs are they accommodating in that space?

We have over 10,000 sq. ft of indoor and outdoor play space and we are situated safely back from the street. Our lot is huge! We hope to grow in to a fourth yard for senior dogs and call it “Shady Paws”, but that is on hold for now.

Long story short, do your homework when shopping for a place to have your pup play and stay. We do tours by appointment and will show you our behind the scenes. Any dog daycare should be willing and able to do so.

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